Friday, March 29, 2013

A long time coming...

So yes. It has been ages since I posted to my blog, and so I thought I would share a little bit.
Georgia is creeping into spring at the moment. I can see the buds in the trees struggling to sprout And share their beauty. The other day, it was around the first day of spring, it was 28 degrees overnight. Now for my family back home in Utah that may not seem all that cold, nut remember I get humidity too.
So, it was super cold, the roommate was out of town and unbeknownst to me, he had turned the heat way down when he left. Why he likes to do that when I am still here is another mystery to be solved at a later date. Anyway, I was so cold that night, my down comforter wasn't even giving me the warmth I needed. So what did I do since I didn't have an extra blanket? I grabbed my fresh clothing out of the dryer and layered them over my comforter like they were extra blankets. I'm ashamed to say they've been there ever since, don't judge.
One of those nights I was having a hard time getting to sleep and so I laid on my back and stretched my arms and legs out as far as I could trying to get cozy. I woke myself up snoring two minutes later.. WOKE MYSELF UP! That's just scary. It reminds me of Cecelia saying she didn't want to sleep with Nanna because the snoring scared her.. I scared myself.
These are my awesome experiences he in GA. Jealous? I thought so.

I'm on a plane headed to see the Greens in NYC. I should try to catch a few winks as I was up at 430.

Love ya

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